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Who are we?

ResLife's focus is all about you. The ResLife team are here to ensure that you get all the support and guidance you need throughout your stay in our Halls of Residence. Moving to somewhere new and starting university can be a daunting experience for many, but ResLife are here to make your transition into university life as smooth as possible and are your first port of call in halls for any problems you may have. Whether you encounter an issue which relates to your accommodation, your academics, your safety or your personal life, ResLife are here to point you in the right direction of where you can get support and are always keen to be a helping hand.

The ResLife team live onsite in halls. Each hall has their own ResLife Officer, as well as several ResLife Advisors, who are usually assigned a certain block or number of flats to support. University staff and postgraduate students make up the team, therefore they understand the demands of university life and can empathise with most problems students in halls may face.

As well as being on call for any issues or incidents, your ResLife Advisors will hold regular flat meetings to ensure that everyone is happy and involved in the residential experience.

Make sure to say hi! They're a friendly bunch and you'll be seeing them around your hall most days.

For information about joining the ResLife team, please visit our recruitment page.

Providing you with opportunities and support

ResLife aims to get you, as a student in halls, involved in a wide range of opportunites to get the most out of your time in halls. Such opportunities include taking part in Halls sports teams, volunteering, workshops, charity fundraising, events and socials.

At The University of Manchester, you have the opportunity to have a say on how your hall is ran, and what activities and events are available to students living there, by running for a position on your hall's RA/JCR.

Not only will your involvement in such activities make your time in halls more sociable, fun and memorable, many of the extracurricular activities ResLife promote will be a fantastic addition to your CV, if you choose to get involved.

ResLife also promote numerous initiatives focussing on things like healthy eating, recycling and sustainability.

ResLife also help support your wellbeing, health and safety during your time in halls. To find out more, click here and here.

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