About You

Are you an aspiring events planner who is enthusiastic, friendly and approachable? If so, you could be a perfect fit for our team of dedicated ResLife Advisors! We are looking for outgoing applicants with passion in improving student experience and a genuine interest in helping to build a thriving student community in halls.

Experience in conflict resolution, teamwork and supporting others is recommended. Excellent communication and listening skills are essential, as is being able to work independently under your own initiative. You must be proactive and be able to be empathetic while maintaining boundaries. Being non-judgemental, responsible, calm and confident is vital as you may deal with a range of sensitive issues.

As a team we have a set core of values:

Fairness, Equality & Inclusion - A good RLA will promote the inclusion of all residents in the hall community to make sure that no individual, regardless of background, nationality or religion, feels excluded.

Foster Individual & Social Responsibility - Encouraging individuals to look after themselves and others will aid in their personal development and help improve their wellbeing.

Promote University Life - Promoting University life will help residents feel more settled and aid in the development of the halls community.

Establish and Maintain the Halls Community - Establishing a halls community will help promote wellbeing and allow residents to feel more settled and form important friendships.

Can I be a ResLife Advisor?

ResLife Advisors must hold one of the following as their status at the University in order to be eligible to apply:

  • member of staff
  • postgraduate student
  • undergraduate student who has completed 3 years of full-time undergraduate study of the same degree program at the same institution (including completion of foundation year/ year abroad/ industry placement)

Applicants are eligible to apply if they will hold this status when the role begins e.g. 3rd year students who have accepted an offer of a Masters course at UoM). Mature undergraduate applicants (at least aged 21 when beginning their degree programme) with exceptional experience may also be eligible.

You can email reslife@manchester.ac.uk for further information on eligibility and to check that you are able to apply.

Tier 4 Visa

If you are on a Tier 4 visa, the role of ResLife Advisor can be your only work or voluntary work commitment within the University with the exclusion of the roles of Graduate Teaching Assistant or Demonstrator which can be undertaken for up to six hours per week alongside the role of ResLife Advisor. For further information about working for ResLife as a Tier 4 please email reslife@manchester.ac.uk.

Find Out More

Now that you know what we are looking for in an RLA, and who is eligible to apply for the role, you can find out more about being an RLA here.