Before You Apply

Before making an application, you should ensure you complete the following steps:

  • Find out more about the role by reading this section of the website, and by reading the RLA Job Description.
  • If you are uncertain if you are eligible to undertake the role of ResLife Advisor, you should contact to confirm this
  • Review the recruitment and training dates below, and ensure that you are available for all of these
  • Review the questions you will be required to answer on the online application form here. We suggest you prepare your answers in a Word document then copy and paste them into the online form.

The Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is made up of several steps, you must ensure you are available to attend all recruitment and training activities in order to be successful in joining the ResLife Advisor team.

Online Application

You must submit an online application, this will be reviewed by the recruitment team following the deadline date. They will then contact you to advise on the outcome of your application. If successful you will progress to the next stage.

Individual Interviews (Zoom)

You will attend a short interview via Zoom. This interview will be with several members of the recruitment team, they will assess your suitability for the role. If successful you will be invited to the ResLife training.

Local Induction and Move-In

If successful in the process you will be made an offer of a role. You will have a local induction and move-in date will be confirmed after allocation.

ResLife Training (Online / face-to-face)

Training may be a mix of online and face-to-face depending on the situation at the time given the pandemic. The training dates are to be decided and applicants will be made aware of these at the end of the recruitment process.

Applicants must successfully attend and complete training in order to join the ResLife team.

Make an Application

Recruitment is now open!

Please indicate on the application form which recruitment round you'd like to apply for - follow this link to complete your application.