Types of accommodation

The majority of students coming to university will be moving away from home for the first time, which while exciting can also be a daunting experience. We therefore strive to offer a variety of accommodation options to suit every individual's needs and wants.

Catered halls

We have five catered halls at The University of Manchester, Dalton Ellis Hall, Hulme Hall and St. Anselm Hall are all in Victoria Park; Ashburne Hall and Woolton Hall are in Fallowfield.

In all catered halls, meals are served in communal dining halls for you to enjoy with fellow residents. Meals are served throughout the year, except for vacation times and bank holidays. This means that catering is provided for approximately 34 of the 41 weeks of the licence agreement. The cost is included in the residence fee, making budgeting easier and the cost for food is spread across the entire licence agreement. Varied and extensive menus are always offered, including vegetarian and vegan options, and provision can also be made for those with special dietary requirements. The majority of catered halls also have smaller kitchen facilities enabling you to prepare meals at weekends or during the day.

Meals provided


  • Five-item cooked breakfast with toast
  • Cereal, fruit and yoghurt bar
  • Fair-trade hot and cold beverages


  • Choice of hot main-dish (vegan, vegetarian, fish & meat)
  • Salad bar
  • Choice of dessert (warm dessert or choice of fresh fruit salad, yoghurt or a piece of fruit)
  • Fair-trade hot and cold beverages

Where possible we look to use the finest local produce and the most ethical and sustainable suppliers. For further information please view the University's Sustainable food policy.

Follow this link for a look at our menus.

In Fallowfield catering is provided Monday to Friday while in Victoria Park it is seven days a week with the breakfast service on a Saturday and Sunday being altered to a brunch (approximately 11:30-13:00).

In both Fallowfield and Victoria Park breakfast is served from 07:30-09:30 and evening meal on Monday to Friday is 17:15-19:15. In Victoria park evening meal on Saturday and Sunday is 17:15-18:30.

If you don't live in a catered hall but would like to take breakfast or dinner there on an occasional or more regular basis then it is possible to eat on a 'pay as you go' basis - see here for more details of 22/23 prices.

Self-catered halls

Self-catered halls offer flexibility and independence: you determine the food budget, prepare the meals and decide when and what to eat. Typically, those in self-catered halls are grouped in shared flats or corridors, where communal lounges and kitchens are provided. In each kitchen you will find cupboard space, cookers, microwaves, refrigerators and freezers. Students are however required to bring their own cutlery and crockery.

Accommodation facilities


Bedrooms include a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe and shelving, with washing facilities (shower, wash-basins, toilet, etc.) shared with fellow residents. The ratio of bathrooms to residents is typically 4:1, dependent upon the hall. This is the same for bedrooms with a basin. For more hall-specific information, please visit the relevant hall webpage.

Ensuite Facilities

In addition to the standard fixtures and fittings, ensuite study bedrooms include an adjoining room containing a shower cubicle, wash basin and toilet.

Family accommodation

The University does not provide accommodation for families with children but does have a very limited supply for couples. As demand exceeds supply this type of accommodation cannot be guaranteed. Through Manchester Student Homes many families and students with partners also find flats or houses in the private rented sector. The University’s accommodation suitable for couples is at Horniman House.

Provision for special requirements

Students also have the opportunity of choosing 'lifestyle moderated' halls. Students can request to live in halls that have adapted a moderated/reserved lifestyle in respect of alcohol, parties and noise etc. We do not envisage being able to guarantee a permanently quiet or alcohol free environment but by grouping like-minded people together it is hoped we can at least provide a suitable environment.