Residence Associations

What is an RA/JCR?

At the University of Manchester every halls of residence has a Residence Association (RA) or a Junior Common Room (JCR). These are committees run by students who live in halls, and who plan and organise social events for their halls such as summer balls, quizzes, BBQs and more.

The RA and JCRs are also responsible for representing the interests of students within their halls. Students can take all kind of suggestions or issues relating to the halls or university to their RA or JCR, who may be able to assist in acting on their suggestions, advocating change, or taking issues to the Students' Union to ensure all voices are heard. RAs and JCRs are fully supported by the Students' Union and ResLife.

As a student living in university halls, you will automatically become a member of your halls RA/JCR.

During your time in halls you will have the opportunity to be elected onto your RA/JCR committee. There are a variety of different roles on each committee, including events co-ordinator, equality and diversity officer, and of course, the main leadership role of President.

Nominations open at the beginning of October and students can nominate themselves, and can stand for more than one role.

Find out more information about standing for a role on the committee visit here.

What can I get out of being on a committee?

Being on an RA/JCR provides students with valuable experience in events planning, budgeting and student representation. The RA/JCR therefore requires committed students for their committee, in order to provide their hall with the best activities possible. No matter your role, every committee member is a valuable asset to the team. It is a fantastic addition to your CV and will always be a great talking point in interviews.

Being on an RA/JCR committee also contributes to The Stellify Award (more details can be found here) and is one of the best ways you can make the most out of your time in halls.