Quarantine Whilst in University Accommodation

Take a look at the government’s rules around testing and quarantining requirements. Please ensure you are aware of your full address in Manchester as you will be asked to complete a Passenger Locator form prior to arrival and you will need to provide accurate information on where you will be living

The date you can arrive in Manchester is indicated on your licence agreement.

What does quarantine mean?

It’s important to avoid as much contact with other people as possible to reduce the risk of transmitting coronavirus. You should stay in a well-ventilated room with the window open as much as possible.

You are not permitted to have any visitors, including family and friends, unless they are providing you with care or emergency assistance. They should not enter your household.

You should not leave your accommodation unless you:

  • Need to pick up and deposit a PCR test or have an appointment to take a PCR test
  • Hear a fire alarm in which case make your way out of the building to the nearest muster point.
  • You live in a catered hall and need to go to your designated meal service time.

Please observe social distancing regulations when outside.

All our accommodation is non-smoking and this includes e-cigarettes.

You must stay in your accommodation nominated on your self-declaration form.

Do not mix with others in your household until after your period of quarantine is completed.

Allocation of Accommodation

In halls that are flats these are considered to be households.

In halls where there are corridor type accommodation we have identified which rooms belong to a household, you will be told which household you belong to. Each household as an identified bathroom and kitchen.

We would request that you do not use facilities designated for use by another household.

Bedding and kitchen equipment

If you are not intending bringing items with you then you can pre-order items from UniKit who will deliver to halls –just make sure you order in plenty of time so items are here for your arrival.

More information on what you can expect in halls and a link to UniKit is available http://www.accommodation.manchester.ac.uk/current/before/pack/

If you require bedding and kitchen equipment during this period then you are best advised to search online or visit a nearby supermarket such as ASDA or Sainsbury.

We’re here for you

Everyone in residences is here to support you and understand having to quarantine in a different country may be difficult. Our ResLife teams live in halls and after you arrive will regularly contact you to check you are ok or if you need anything. This will be using a phone, if you have changed your phone number then please let us know by emailing reslife-admin@manchester.ac.uk – don’t forget to include your name, address and university ID number on the email.

You can also contact ResLife if you need anything either by emailing them on reslife-admin@manchester.ac.uk or in the evening / over weekends call the duty ResLife Advisor for your hall http://www.accommodation.manchester.ac.uk/reslife/info/contact/

We will let all our team members know of all students who are in quarantine. Any repairs or maintenance that is required in your room will only be done after the required quarantine period has ended unless these are urgent and affect your stay in your room.

Feeling unwell during quarantine

It is vitally important that if you feel unwell during quarantine that you let us know, so we can support you.

If you experience symptoms of Covid-19:

  • A new continuous cough
  • A high temperature
  • A loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell

If you have any of the symptoms listed above you must stay at home and arrange for a test.

You must contact us to let us know you have symptoms either by:

  1. Between the hours of 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday contact our ResLife team reslife-admin@manchester.ac.uk or contact your halls reception.
  2. Out with the hours above (and weekends) contact your on duty ResLife Advisor (RLA). Their contact details are http://www.accommodation.manchester.ac.uk/reslife/info/contact/

You should also contact your school / faculty to inform them.

What happens if I or someone in my household has symptoms or is diagnosed with Covid-19

Please follow government guidance here.

Register with a Doctor

It is really important that you register with a local doctor, details of the nearest practice to your hall can be found http://www.accommodation.manchester.ac.uk/current/before/gp/