You are responsible for taking out your general waste and recycling in halls. Flats and kitchens that do not take out waste or recycling may risk being charged. You may want to create a rota to organise who will take out the general waste and recycling.

To help you recycle, each kitchen has 2 coloured recycling bags. In addition to this you will have a recycling bag in your room. When the bags are full please empty their contents into the relevant bins outside your hall and return the empty bags to your kitchen.

Last year in halls we recycled over 169 tonnes! This is the equivalent weight of a 3 carriage train, similar to the trains travelling between Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.

Please note recycling arrangements differ at Unsworth Park - please check your notice board for information.

In brown bins you can put glass, plastic bottles/jars, aerosols, cans, tins and foil while you can put drink cartons, magazines, cardboard, gift wrap, tissues and paper in blue bins. All other waste goes into the black general waste bins.