Hall Facilities

In halls there is a wide range of facilities provided for you, you can find more information about these below. Some facilities may not be available in halls during the pandemic, we will continue to observe UK Government guidance to ensure the safety of our residents and staff.


You can find out more about our bike storage facilities and bike safety scheme here.

Car Parking

You can find out more information about having a car at University here.

Fire Safety

Fire notices and regulations are displayed throughout our accommodation and we would ask you take time when you arrive to read this and also familiarise yourself with the fire alarms and your nearest emergency exit. If you discover a fire, however small, you should sound the fire alarm and evacuate immediately to your assembly point. Please contact your hall's Security team to report the fire.

In UoM halls our fire alarm systems are tested weekly and you will be told when this will take place. At all other times please evacuate the building – it’s for your own safety.

Health & Safety

For information about our approach to, and policy on, Health & Safety please contact a member of the admin team by writing to accommodation@manchester.ac.uk


All University of Manchester halls are included in a block insurance policy which is provided by Endsleigh. Basic cover is provided and you are recommended to check on the details to ensure that this level of cover suits your needs.

Information on the cover provided can be found here, our policy number is HH1053.


Halls are connected to the University network. Once you have completed your University registration online and signed up for your University username and password you will be able to join the network, known as HORNET. Representatives will be available if the system goes down or if you have any issues. If you live at Brook Hall or Weston Hall separate arrangements are in place and you will receive details on this when you arrive.

In some communal areas in University of Manchester halls of residence there are University access points for wireless. These will always show up as 'University' when your computer scans for local Wi-Fi. You can use these to connect to the Internet. Students are prohibited from setting up their own wireless access points in halls. Please note Wi-Fi access can be limited, however all bedrooms do have wired access to the Ethernet - for more information on this service consult the HORNET pages.


There are launderette facilities in each of the halls of residence and this service is managed by a private company.

All machines are card or app operated. You can top up on-line at Circuit Laundry.

Instructions on how to use the machines are provided in the laundry rooms.


Find out more about reporting maintenance issues here.


Find out what can be recycled and how to do it here.


With the exception of the kitchens in Unsworth Park, we do not provide students TVs.

We do not cover any of our residences with a TV licence; therefore you are advised to ensure that you purchase the appropriate licence either prior to or immediately after arrival. If you watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV or live on an online service - on any device - you need to be covered by a TV Licence. If you are going to be living in Unsworth Park the TV in the lounge is provided by the University. This TV will already be covered by a TV licence. This licence will not cover you using other devices. For more information click here.