Find Your Flatmates

Do you want to find your flatmates and keep up to date with any events going on in your halls? Join your hall Facebook group to be kept in the loop!

Please note requests to join the Facebook groups will be accepted from Monday 11th July as we switch over from the previous academic year. If you have requested to join before this date and are not accepted shortly after the changeover date, you may need to request to join again. If you do not provide your room number or agree to the group rules your request will be declined.

Ashburne Hall & Sheavyn House

Brook Hall

Canterbury Court

Dalton Ellis

Daisy Bank Hall

Denmark Road

George Kenyon

Horniman House

Hulme Hall & Burkhardt House

Oak House

Richmond Park & Uttley House

St Anselm Hall

Unsworth Park

Weston Hall

Whitworth Park

Woolton Hall