Ashburne Hall

Fact sheet
  • Single
Student type
  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
PriceFrom £119
  • Shared
  • Catered


AccommodationWeeksAnnual Rent 17-18Weekly Rent 17-18
Standard No Basin41£5391£131
Standard No Basin large41£5722£140
Standard With Basin41£5722£140
Standard Deluxe41£5999£146
Standard Ensuite41£7170£175
Standard With Basin51£6466£126
Standard Room Small (catered/self-catered)51£6645£130
Room in Cottage (catered/self-catered)51£6306£123

About the hall

In the heart of Fallowfield this hall has a strong sense of community with rooms that are often larger than modern student rooms.

Ashburne Hall has a mix of Undergraduate and Postgraduate residents. Some postgraduate rooms that are let for 51 weeks are catered during term-time and self-catered outside of term-time. A limited number of catered 40 week lets are available for post-graduates.

The living arrangements in the 51-week let, self-catered, Annex see two people share a small kitchen, bathroom and study area - where there are two desks. Each resident has their own bedroom.

The hall also has a small computer cluster, common rooms, a music room with a piano, a library and launderette facilities.

Click here for more news on the exciting Fallowfield Residential Development which will see construction start in August 2017.

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Hall features

  • Catering
  • Common room
  • Communal areas cleaned
  • Disabled parking
  • Internet access
  • Key card controlled access
  • Library
  • Laundry
  • Music room
  • Single sex areas
  • On-site Security
  • 24-hour reception

Contact details

Ashburne Hall Old Hall Lane Fallowfield M14 6HP (Administration Office at Owens Park)