Faith and Worship

The University of Manchester is home to 40,000 students coming from 154 different countries and bringing over 200 languages and many different religions and spiritual beliefs into our campus.

Here, we provide some basic guidelines for the largest religious groups on how to find information concerning your faith or religious practice in Manchester.


There are two different Buddhist societies at UoM. They’ll be able to help you with whatever questions you have. As well, there are two main worship places: the Manchester Buddhist Temple in the City Centre and the Diamond Way Buddhist Group near All Saints Gardens.


There are 5 main UoM Christian societies focusing on the different sects and running different activities and events throughout the academic year. There are many churches in and out of campus, so you better ask your society which one in particular you could attend.


There is a Hindu society at UoM called Hindu Students (National Hindu Student Forum). Please ask them for information on the nearest temples and any other questions you may have.


The biggest UoM islamic society is ISoc. They have lots of helpful information available online. As well, if you go on your Manchester SU website, you’ll find plenty of other islamic societies that are “denomination specific”. As well, there are many mosques and congregations all over Manchester where you can go to prayer. Alternatively, here’s a list of the main on campus prayer halls:

  • South Campus - McDougall’s Prayer Hall (Number 91 on Campus Map)

  • North Campus - Sackville Prayer Hall (Number 1 on Campus Map)

  • Ellen Wilkinson Building - 2nd floor (only accessible via the main entrance)

  • Students’ Union Safe Space Room - room 5, 2nd floor

  • Dental Hospital - 2nd floor (you need an NHS card to use this room).

  • Stopford Building - 3rd floor, room 3.400.

  • Chaplaincy Quiet Room - 1st floor of St. Peter’s Chaplaincy.


There is a UoM Jewish Society (JSOC). They’ll also be able to provide useful information concerning your spiritual and religious life while at uni, including where you can pray and attend services, as there are many different synagogues around Manchester.

There are Kosher flats available in Oak House, Fallowfield. Visit our Eat Healthy page for more information.

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