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Volunteering is a great way to enhance your university experience! It’s extremely easy to become a volunteer and help others at UoM.

The university has a dedicated team to help you find opportunities in many different areas, ranging from charity & community organisations to overseas, fundraising, education, sports, among others. The volunteering team also provides students with legal and financial advice.To get started visit the UoM Volunteering Website.


“Give It Don’t Bin” is an annual campaign that encourages all Manchester students leaving the city in the summer to donate their unwanted items to charity and recycle as much as they can. Last year the students leaving Halls gave the equivalent of £85,750 worth of donations to the charity helping them to fund life-saving research into heart disease.

This means it will only take 5 minutes to help someone in need! Simply donate what you don’t want anymore before you leave :)

If you have...

  • Clothes, shoes, books, handbags, DVD’s/ CD’s and small electrical appliances, donate these to the large red British Heart Foundation donation points that are found outside your halls of residence.

  • If you have any large furniture, electrical items or pots/ pans, please donate these to the large blue ‘Give It Don’t Bin It’ containers. These will be located across campus from the end of May until undergraduate contracts end in June and then again for postgrad move out in September, in the following locations:

- Fallowfield Campus- Ashburne Hall- car park, Richmond Park- car park, Owens Park- Great Court & Oak House - by Carrill House

- Victoria Park - Hulme Hall car park, Dalton Ellis car park (behind the dining room) and St Anselms dining room car park.

- City Campus- Whitworth Park- beside Dilworth House, Wright Robinson Hall- outside main entrance.

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