Student Life In Halls

Living in halls is a great way to meet other students and build friendships. It’s important to take advantage of this opportunity by connecting with your flatmates and other residents through the many different social events that are available to you.

Top 10 tips for Student Living

  1. Everyone feels nervous and overwhelmed at some point, don’t worry about it!

  2. Decorate your room to make it feel more homely - and enter our competition!

  3. Keep in touch with your friends and family at home - let them know you’re okay.

  4. Although it can seem daunting in the first few days - make the most of the welcome weekend and get involved in your Halls events and activities.

  5. No-one wants to hear you screaming along to Taylor Swift or your bass speakers thumping at midnight - so keep the noise down!

  6. Try out new things - join a few clubs and societies to meet lots of like-minded people.

  7. Cook dinner with others - it’s cheaper and easier than always doing it by yourself.

  8. It can be nice to take a break and get away from uni but make sure you don’t miss out on what’s going on.

  9. Let your flatmates know if you’re planning on being away and when you’re supposed to be back.

  10. Don’t put all your eggs in one friendship basket, it’s good to have more than one group of friends!


There is a Residents’ Association (RA) or a Junior Common Room (JCR) in every Hall of Residence.

All students who live in the hall are members of this group and the membership fee is included in their rent. These fees go into a fund which is used to run socials, trips, events and sporting activities for all residents throughout the year.

The committee responsible for representing their fellow residents and putting on all these events is elected every year by the students themselves. There are different roles you can run for and these vary according to the hall you live in.

You can find more information about getting involved in your RA/JCR here

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