Rules & Regulations

General Regulations

For general regulations concerning accommodation issues, please visit the accommodation website.

Basic rules everyone should know


During term time:

You must not make antisocial noise after 11pm. To clarify, antisocial noise means anything that will disturb the other residents, e.g. loud talking in the corridor, moving the furniture around, listening to music or watching videos without earphones, etc.

During exams’ period:

Antisocial noise is not permitted at any time during the exam period.


What you clean:

Even though there’s a housekeeping team in each hall and they clean the common areas at least once a week, you are responsible for cleaning and preserving the spaces you use so that everyone can enjoy themselves. So make sure you clean the kitchen after you cook!


If your flatmates are not respecting the hygiene norms, making it difficult for you to use the common areas, try to talk to them and approach the issue. Flatmates sometimes have different hygiene standards, but meeting as a flat and agreeing on some basic rules early on (and making a cleaning rota) can go a long way to avoiding any issues.

If you are unable to resolve issues as a flat, you can contact your ResLife Advisor. Please note that hygiene issues can lead to pests and rodents invading your flat - as well as cleaning charges if the Housekeeping team have to intervene to sort out recurring hygiene issues!


Create a Rota:

If your ResLife Advisor didn’t set a rota for you, do it yourselves right in the beginning of the year! If you don’t put the rubbish and recycling out, you will be charged as a whole (flat or corridor).

Everyone must do it:

If you feel like your flatmates are not cooperating or respecting the rota chat to them about it - it might just be they forgot, or they’re really busy. If this doesn’t help, you can ask your ResLife Advisor for advice on what to do next.

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