In a medical emergency, dial 999, but do so only if you or somebody else is seriously unwell. Then contact the University Security team as they may have to lift barriers to allow vehicle access. They will also guide medical emergency crews to you, and as accredited first aiders they may be able to assist before the ambulance arrives.

If you’re capable of attending a hospital yourself, the nearest accident and emergency unit is at Manchester Royal Infirmary on Grafton Street - close to Whitworth Park and Liberty Park accommodation. There is also a walk-in centre for less urgent matters there too.

Don’t forget to report any accidents to your Hall’s administration office or the ResLife Team.

GPs and General Health

Make sure you’re registered with a GP. It’s very important that you can easily arrange an appointment with a doctor if you ever feel ill.

During Welcome Week there will be many professionals on campus, including in some halls to help you register. You can also register directly with a clinic. Halls work differently and if you are not sure how to proceed, simply ask your ResLife Advisor what you should do.

You can register with a dentist separately but ask to register via the NHS as well. You can also get your eyes checked for free at the University Teaching Clinic, just off Dover St in Carys Bannister Building.

Cases of meningitis, measles and mumps have been rising. It is very important for students to be protected against these illnesses, as they can be life-threatening. For information on these illnesses and recommended vaccinations, click here.

Mental Health

If you feel you are struggling with your mental health and wellbeing, click here.

Sexual Health

For information on sexual health and sexual health services, click here.

Disability Advice and Support

15% of students at Manchester are registered with a disability. The University offers all kinds of support for disabled students and can help you if you are unsure if you have a disability. If you feel your health is impacting your studies make sure you contact the Disability Advisory and Support Service at the University.

ResLife also actively work to support disabled students in halls to make sure they have a smooth living experience.

Click here to find out more about support for disabled students across the University and in halls.

Drugs and Alcohol

For information on drugs and alcohol, click here.

Eating Well and Keeping Active

Click here for information on eating well and click here for details on how you can keep active whilst in Manchester.

Looking for more advice?

The student support site has a comprehensive guide to managing your health whilst in Manchester.

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