Getting Around


Walking is an effective way to get around campus!

From Fallowfield to the main campus is a 30 minute walk and if you live in either City or Victoria Park you are no more than a 5 to 20 minute walk. Just make sure you don’t walk alone at night and always be aware of your surroundings.


There are brand new cycleways all around Manchester, as well as stands and shelters, making it easier than ever to use a bike. The lack of hills also make for an enjoyable cycle!

The University is committed to bike safety and offers a ‘D’ lock for just £15 (RRP £45) as part of their cycle safety scheme. Make sure you lock it properly, according to safety recommendations.

There are second hand bike sales that take place at Owen’s Park which offer great deals on bikes - it’s significantly cheaper than buying a bike outright!

Taking the Bus

A great link between halls and campus is Oxford road. As the busiest bus route in Europe you’ll never be waiting long for a bus to arrive.

Student bus pass deals are available online from Stagecoach and First Buses.

There is a free bus, the 147, running from the North campus to the Main campus every 10 minutes on weekdays. Simply show the driver your student or staff ID.

The SU is also running a “Student Shuttle Bus” as a proactive student safety project. It runs every night and can take you home safely from the Learning Commons for either £2, £3 or £4, depending on where you live in Manchester. It’s cheaper and safer than taking a taxi, so there’s no reason for you to risk your safety! For more info, go here.

Taking a taxi

The University recommends using Street Cars. If you can’t afford the ride you can leave your student ID with the driver and pay the next day when you collect it from the SU. As well, you can upload your debit or credit card details on the app beforehand, if you don’t want to pay with cash. This way you don’t need to give them your student ID card. You can also track your car and see your driver’s info on the app.

If you don’t use Street Cars, make sure you take a licensed taxi and that you are safe! Don’t take a taxi alone, especially at night. See Safe Taxi Scheme for more info.


The University doesn’t recommend driving around campus as it is costly, environmentally harmful and there are not many parking spots available. Consider cycling or taking the bus instead. If you’d still like to bring your vehicle to campus, these are the main car parking sites:

- Charles Street (Car Park A)

- Aquatics / Booth Street East (Car Park B)

- Booth Street West (Car Park D)

- Cecil Street (Car Park E)

- Dilworth Street (Car Park F)Permit holders only until 4pm

- Dover Street (Car Park G)Permit holders only

If bringing a car to Halls it is important to check with your Hall that parking is availiable and the cost associated.

Disabled students must contact the Permit Office and supply a photocopy of the blue badge.

Taking a flight to and from Manchester

Manchester Airport is only a 20 minute drive away from campus, but there are many different ways of getting to campus if you’re not driving:

  • You can take the 43 Stagecoach bus from stand G to whatever bus stop is closest to your hall. Follow the signs at the airport. The ticket is covered by your unirider but if you don’t have the pass, it will cost you £3.60.

  • You can always get a taxi, either from the stand outside T1 or book in advance with a company. The University recommends using StreetCars, in which case you should ask for the students’ “aiport fixed rate” of £18.

  • You can also take a train to one of the train stations near the campus.

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