Types of Accommodation

The University of Manchester offers students more accommodation options than virtually any other higher education institution in the UK. Each hall has its own character and you can discover more about them by consulting the individual hall webpages via this website, but here are some of the types available:-


Separate halls are available for undergraduates and postgraduates, but the University also has halls comprising a mix of both. In these, graduate students are typically roomed together.

Catered Halls

In catered halls, meals are provided for 33 weeks and their cost is included in the residence fee, which makes budgeting easier. Varied and extensive menus are offered, vegetarian options are always available, and provision can be made for those with special dietary requirements. Dining arrangements vary according to hall; some have cafeteria-type facilities, others regard meal times as occasions to gather socially. The latter are the collegiate halls; tending to be smaller in size, their stable, familial atmosphere can prove a rewarding experience, and their extensive range of extra-mural activities encourage leadership, foster social responsibility and develop teamwork. Further information can be found by following the link below and as well as visiting the relevant hall webpage accessed via the Accommodation search.

Self-catered Halls

Self-catered halls offer flexibility and independence: you determine the food budget, prepare the meals and decide when and what to eat. Typically, those in self-catered halls are grouped in shared flats or corridors. Communal lounges and kitchens are provided, in each of which you will find cupboard space, cookers, microwaves, refrigerators and freezers.  Students are required to bring their own cutlery and crockery.

Another catering option

If you choose self-catered accommodation but you would like to have meals prepared for you occasionally FoodonCampus outlets around the University are available as an alternative source of nourishment throughout the day. For more information, see the FoodonCampus website

Accommodation facilities

Study bedrooms

Study bedrooms are single occupancy and comprise bed, desk, chair, wardrobe and shelving; all have internet access. You may bring your own television but you are required to obtain your own television licence.

Standard facilities

Standard rooms comprise standard fixtures and fittings (bed, desk, chair etc.) with other facilities (shower, wash-basins, toilet, etc.) shared with fellow residents. The ratio of facilities to residents is approximately 1:4 dependent upon the hall (for further details consult relevant hall webpage) Fees for a standard room are less than those for ensuite or standard wash-hand basin rooms.

Standard wash-hand basin facilities

In addition to the standard fixtures and fittings (bed, desk, chair etc.) a standard wash-hand basin room includes its own wash-hand basin. Other facilities (shower, toilet, etc.) are shared with fellow residents. The ratio of facilities to residents is approximately 1:4 dependent upon the hall (for further details consult relevant hall webpage). Fees for a standard wash-hand basin room are less than those for ensuite facilities but more than those with standard facilities.

Ensuite facilities

In addition to the standard fixtures and fittings (bed, desk, chair etc.), ensuite study bedrooms include an adjoining pod comprising a shower cubicle, wash-hand basin and toilet. Fees for ensuite facilities are higher than those for standard and standard wash-hand basin rooms.

Gender mix

The majority of the University’s residences are mixed sex, but two halls are single sex:

Ashburne Hall has separate female undergraduate areas and also mixed sex areas for both undergraduates and postgraduates. Additionally, some mixed sex halls offer single-sex flats or corridors.

Family accommodation

The University can offer a variety of accommodation specifically for students with families and partners. These include double rooms, one-, two- and a few three-bedroom selfcontained flats. Unfortunately, demand exceeds supply so this type of accommodation cannot be guaranteed. Houses and flats are available however through the University’s Leased Housing Scheme, which is administered by Manchester Student Homes. Through MSH many families and students with partners also find flats or houses in the private rented sector.

To avoid possible inconvenience, you are strongly advised to come to Manchester without your partner and/or family initially and send for them later once you have found suitable accommodation. You should also be aware that finding family accommodation for any period less than a full year is extremely difficult.

The University’s Family and Partner accommodation is found at:

This residence is normally let for a 52-week period (from September to September).

Accommodation Allocations - initiatives

In response to student requests two initiatives trialled in 2013/14 within University accommodation are continuing for the 2014-15 academic year:

Kosher Flats

We have set aside a small number of flats for Kosher use at Oak House in Fallowfield. Students living in these flats will have requested a Kosher environment and as such will be expected to adopt the appropriate lifestyle.

Lifestyle Moderated Areas

We have considered the provision of areas within Halls that can offer an alternative lifestyle to what might be considered the usual Undergraduate experience in a UK Institution. Students living in this area would have requested and be expected to adopt a moderated lifestyle in respect of alcohol, parties and noise etc. We do not envisage being able to guarantee a permanently quiet or alcohol free environment but by grouping like minded people together it is hoped we can at least provide a form of genuine alternative.

If you are interested in either of these types of accommodation please contact the Accommodation Office

The Accommodation Office, The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL UK
The Accommodation Office is part of The Directorate for the Student Experience

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