Payment Plans 2017-18

Cick on your hall below to find out how much to pay and when.

Remember - the best way to be sure your fees are paid on time is to set up a DIRECT DEBIT - you (or the person paying for you) will need a UK Bank Account to set this up. The Direct Debit dates for the academic year 2017/18 are October 26th 2017, January 18th 2018 and April 18th 2018. The Direct Debit dates for the academic year 2018/19 are October 26th 2018, January 22nd 2019 and April 30th 2019.

If you want to pay your accommodation fees in instalments then you must pay by Direct Debit. If you don't set up a Direct Debit then it will be assumed you are going to pay your fees in full before the first due date and if you only pay the first instalment by cash or card then you will be contacted by our Credit Control department who will view you as a debtor.

Please note prices and payment plans for 2018/19 will be published in late March 2018 - the prices in the payment plans below are for the academic year 2017/18.


Let Length
Ashburne Hall 41 weeks
Ashburne Hall 51 weeks
Burkhardt House 41 weeks
Canterbury Court 41 weeks
Dalton Ellis Hall 41 weeks
Denmark Road 42 weeks
Denmark Road 51 weeks
Firs Villa 41 weeks
George Kenyon Hall 51 weeks
Horniman House 52 weeks
Hulme Hall 41 weeks
Liberty Park (Union State/Victoria Hall) 42 weeks
Liberty Point 51 weeks
Oak House

41 weeks

Manchester Gardens (formerly known as Opal Gardens) 41 weeks
Manchester Gardens (formerly known as Opal Gardens) 51 weeks
Owens Park 41 weeks
Richmond Park 41 weeks
Sheavyn House 41 weeks
St. Anselm Hall 41 weeks
St. Anselm Hall 51 weeks
St. Gabriels Hall 41 weeks
Weston Hall 40 weeks
Weston Hall 51 weeks
Whitworth Park 41 Weeks
Whitworth Park 51 weeks
Woolton Hall 41 weeks
Woolton Hall 51 weeks
Wright Robinson Hall 41 weeks

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