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By accepting the licence agreement for a place in Halls of Residence, you are entering into a legally binding agreement. This means that there are certain obligations that must be met, not least of which is paying your fees!

We know that for many of you this may seem a little overwhelming initially, so here is some information to help clarify what is expected of you, as well as what you can expect of us.

Legal Obligations

The Terms and Conditions of Residence in University Accommodation create legally binding obligations, both for you as a resident and us as the provider. When you accept the licence agreement, you are agreeing to abide by these conditions, including staying and paying for the full period of residence, so it is vital that you read them through carefully before you accept the offer of accommodation. If there is anything at all that you do not understand or are uncertain of, please ask someone at the Accommodation Office. We will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Managing Your Finances

It is important that you manage your finances, as falling behind in accommodation payments can result in receiving further charges, having your Ethernet disconnected, or being asked to leave your hall.

The best way to be sure your fees are paid on time is to set up a DIRECT DEBIT - you (or the person paying for you) will need a UK Bank Account to set this up. The Direct Debit dates for the academic year 2018/19 are October 26th 2018, January 22nd 2019 and April 30th 2019.

If you want to pay your accommodation fees in instalments then you must pay by Direct Debit. If you don't set up a Direct Debit then it will be assumed you are going to pay your fees in full before the first due date and if you only pay the first instalment by cash or card then you will be contacted by our Credit Control department who will view you as a debtor.

Download Direct Debit Form

Please note: If you hold a UK Bank Account that was set up when you were a minor, please be aware that your bank may not allow you to set up a Direct Debit mandate. Contact your bank to change this.

We don't want to frighten you and will always listen to each individual case to ensure everyone is treated fairly. If you are having any problems paying your fees, you should go to the Accommodation Office to discuss making alternative arrangements. We will do all we can to help.

However, it would clearly be preferable not to get into difficulties in the first place, so it is important to carefully manage your finances. Have a look at our Careers & Finance page on the ResLife website for some links to useful budgeting resources.

In the event that an instalment is not paid on the agreed payment date, a late payment charge of £25 will be added to the student's account and the student will be advised by an email sent to their University email address. In the event that a student is unable to meet the deadlines for the payment of their fees they must contact Credit Control so that their options including, where appropriate, alternative payment arrangements can be discussed and agreed.

All overdue payments will be referred to, and followed up by, the Credit Control Team. Click the link to learn more about the University's Recovery of Student Debt Policy.


Personal Possessions insurance through Endsleigh is included in your rent.

Enter your policy number HH1053 to check your policy details.

Payment Plans 2017/18 and 2018/19

Click on this link to take you to individual hall payment plans.

Additional Charges

Unfortunately there are times when residents behave in a way that contradicts our terms and conditions of residence. We will always try and work with residents to try and resolve any issues but there may be occasions when we have to charge or fine individuals for this behaviour. Examples of the types of charges or fines that may be levied are given below:

Cleaning charges

  • Flats/Corridors/communal areas
  • Removal of rubbish bags £10 per bag (minimum charge)
  • Cleaning of lounge if left in unacceptable condition £80 per flat/corridor (minimum charge)
  • Cleaning of kitchen/bathrooms if left in an unacceptable condition £80 per flat/corridor (minimum charge)

Individual bedrooms

  • Cleaning of bedroom if left in unacceptable condition £40 (minimum charge)
  • Cleaning of individual en-suite facility if left in an unacceptable condition £40 (minimum charge)
  • Removal of rubbish bags £10 per bag (minimum charge)

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