Building Maintenance & Appliances Guide

All repairs and maintenance should be reported using the Building Maintenance System. Please note that jobs entered on this system will not be addressed on weekends, bank holidays or University closed days. Emergencies should be reported to the ResLife team.

By reporting a problem and requesting that it be fixed you give consent to University of Manchester staff or its agents entering your room to fix the problem. It is your responsibility to ensure your room is kept in such a manner that it is safe for our staff or agents to enter - should they need to do so to affect a repair or deal with an emergency situation. Trip hazards should be avoided.

You must not attempt any repairs yourself.

As a resident, you have a right to expect that repairs are carried out as quickly as necessary. Requests to repair a defect will normally be carried out within the following time scales, which will commence from the time you have input the request using the online reporting system. The response times vary depending on the nature of the repair.

Click here to report a problem.

EMERGENCY: These would normally be carried out within 4 hours and are incidents or defects which require an immediate response, possibly endangering the health and safety of people,
causing major damage to buildings or affecting building security.


  • Gas leaks
  • Loss of electrical supply to a building
  • Loss of heating to a building
  • Major water leaks
  • Fire or imminent risk of fire or explosion
  • Collapse of a structure
  • Loss of all lift facilities
  • Fire alarm system failure

URGENT: We would normally expect to carry out 80% of all work in this category within one working day, and 100% within two. This is work which does not present an immediate threat to the health and safety of people but which requires a swift response to prevent deterioration in services or increased damage.


  • Blocked drains
  • Broken window (will initially be made safe)
  • Malfunctioning locks
  • Loss of heating, hot water or lighting in a room
  • Overflow running
  • Running taps (not dripping)
  • Floor covering (trip hazard)
  • Emergency exits compromised
  • Room security
  • Stair lights out

NON-URGENT: We would normally expect to carry out 70% of all work in this category within 5 working days and 100% of the work in 10 working days. This is work, which if not attended to, could result in a reduction in the quality of the service provided.


  • Loss of electrical power at a single socket outlet
  • One light out (of many) in a room
  • One radiator not working
  • Adjustment to door closures
  • Dripping taps
  • Window adjustment
  • Plaster repairs

Appliances Guide

Make a note of the model of the appliance in your kitchen or flat that you would like to know more about and then scroll down this page to find the appropriate instruction manual. Please note these instructions are posted only to assist you in using the applicances. Attempts to repair them are strictly forbidden. Faulty applicances should be reported to your hall administration office so that replacements can be provided. If your appliance is not listed then please email the Accommodation Office manager with the relevant details.


Make and Model
Baby Belling 121R Baby Belling 321R
Beko Compact MC112 Beko D531
Creda C161E, C261E, C361E Creda C461E, C365E, R365E
Creda Capri C150E Creda Starlight 49221, 3 & 5
INDESIT Oven FI 31 & 36 Tricity Bendix SB412
Tricity Bendix SiE 300 Series Zanussi Built-In Oven

Cooker Hoods

Make and Model
Vent-Axia Rimini, Milano & Roma


Make and Model


Make and Model
Electrolux A120

Electric Kettles

Make and Model
Haden Cordless Morphy Richards
Sabichi 1.7L

Fridge Freezers

Make and Model
Hotpoint LEC Elan


Make and Model
BEKO TLDA 521 Indesit TLA1S
LEC Elan


Make and Model
Sheavyn Bedroom Heaters Sheavyn Kitchen Heaters

Stirflow Oil Filled Radiator


Make and Model
BEKO HIZE 64101 Indesit - PI604(WH)GB


Make and Model
In-Cuisine SISSSW

Medical Beds & Hoists

Make and Model

Hill-Rom Medical Beds

Viking Hoists


Make and Model
In-Cuisine STCAV8W Panasonic NNE202 222/232/252
Panasonic NN-SD466, 456 & 446 Panasonic NNT553, 523, 543, 535 & 545
Samsung M1719N Stirflow Mini Oven with Hotplates


Make and Model
Philips HD2502, HD2500 Sunbeam 3822 & 3910

Vacuum Cleaners

Make and Model
Dyson DC01 George
Henry Hetty
James SEBO BS36
Victor V9

Washing Machines

Make and Model
BEKO WM5100 W Hotpoint WML520P


Make and Model

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