After Your First Year

After the first year of study, students are welcome to reapply for University accommodation. The University of Manchester guarantee means that all overseas undergraduate and postgraduate students will be offered a room in a hall of residence but you must have reapplied for accommodation by the advertised due date. Home (i.e. UK/EU) students are not guaranteed accommodation after the first year but may still reapply.

If your reapplication is not successful or if, like many returning students, you prefer to look for accommodation with friends in the private sector, the University recommends you access Manchester Student Homes.

Manchester Student Homes

Manchester Student Homes runs an accreditation scheme for landlords, agents and private halls of residence operating in Greater Manchester. We have a number of Code of Standards and requirements that our accredited providers must meet in order to advertise as an accredited agent on our scheme. It is the only University run housing service and it is recommended that students choosing to live off-campus do so through our scheme.

Manchester Student Homes promotes higher standards, safer accommodation and fairer practices. We also offer a method for student tenants to address their grievances with an accredited provider if they have a problem during their tenancies. To find out more go to where you can read more about the scheme, search for accommodation and view a list of our accredited providers.

There are a variety of options available to students wishing to live off-campus. Manchester Student Homes accredits over 20000 bedspaces covering a number of localities and prices. You can choose from the following:

• Purpose built private halls

• Shared houses and flats

• Self-contained accommodation

• Ensuites and non-suites

• University leased accommodation

• International Friendly Accommodation

We can also assist you if you have any additional requirements and offer house-hunting advice so you can get the best out of your accommodation.

In addition to the accreditation scheme we also offer a housing information, advice and guidance service with a dedicated Housing Caseworker to assist you with any issues you may have with your accommodation. We offer advice on contract checking, dispute resolution, deposits, repairs & maintenance, and any other housing issues.

We work in partnership with Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Police, Manchester Fire and Rescue Services and the International Society to build a safer and stronger private sector for students.

You can access our services online at Manchester Student Homes or come into our Fallowfield office next to the Owens Park Campus – Manchester Student Homes, Unit 1-3 Moseley Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6ND, email us, or call us on 0161 275 2877.

Off Campus

Manchester Student Homes also has a focus on Off Campus Issues and a commitment to support students living in the community. The team that leads this area of work is 'The Good Neighbours Team'. Living in off-campus accommodation such as a private hall, or an off-campus area such as Fallowfield means you are part of a diverse and vibrant local community which extends further than your immediate neighbours. MSH can help you get to know your area and the people who live around you.

Halls 2 Home

The ‘Halls 2 Home’ campaign is designed to help you during the transition from Halls of Residence to your own home through a series of workshops, educational campaigns, events and initiatives throughout the year. This equips you with the right tools to be a ‘Good Neighbour’ when you first settle into your new home and ensure you feel supported when you live in the private sector. The Good Neighbours team also produces a number of publications such as the ‘Welcome to the Community Guide’.

Aims of Halls 2 Home include:

  • Developing an awareness of the local community among students in University of Manchester Halls
  • Educating students of the responsibilities of living as part of a community and the practical steps they can take to become good neighbours via education campaigns, events and initiatives
  • Engaging and facilitating student involvement in local community groups and activities
  • Establishing and delivering a programme of events which facilitate students engaging with long term residents both on and off campus.
  • Aiding students transition from on-campus to off-campus accommodation and ensuring that students feel supported as they begin to live in the private sector

Partnership working

Living off campus is an exciting time and a chance to experience being an honorary Mancunian. It is important to be aware of how living in a mixed community comes with a number of civic responsibilities. MSH work closely with partnership agencies such as Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council to make sure you are supported on a wide range of issues such as your personal safety, property security, fire prevention and waste and recycling. MSH also have a number of educational campaigns, collaborating with partners to manage issues such as noise nuisance, environmental concerns and the impact these can have on the wider community.

To report any problems please call the Neighbourhood Helpline.

For more information about the work of the GNT, you can contact the Off-Campus Student Affairs Officer on 0161 275 0750.

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