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Going to university is a big step for any new student. If you are a parent or guardian, it can be a challenging experience for you too. At The University of Manchester we recognise your vital supporting role and welcome you as part of the student community. We aim to provide you with information to help and your son/daughter make the best choice for you.

Firstly, it is important to note the date your son or daughter's licence agreement starts. Typically the majority start on September 12th this year and therefore that is the earliest date to move in. However some licence agreements may start on the 14th or 15th so please ensure you get the exact date from your son or daughter.

As well as spending time viewing the information on this website you can also download a PDF version of our 2014/15 student accommodation brochure.

Student Accommodation brochure 2014/15

Naturally, you want your son or daughter to enjoy their independence. But you will also want to ensure that the accommodation provider they choose will provide a supportive, safe living environment as well as an excellent living experience in preparation for life.

We are dedicated to delivering a quality living experience that supports your son/daughter through University and provide every opportunity for your son or daughter to develop as an individual.

While it has been seen as a 'rite of passage' for students to move into a shared house for their latter years at University, The Accommodation Office has noticed a distinct trend for students to stay within University accommodation for the duration of their time at University. These residents tell us that they appreciate the mix of responsibility that they have for their accommodation, but feel safe within the secure environments of the University.

They tell us that they like:

No hidden costs

At The University of Manchester, rent is all that you will pay; electricity/gas are included in the rent, as is contents insurance.

Great security

Student housing tends to congregate in one area, meaning that burglars do too. Theft from student houses is reported as one of the biggest crimes in major University cities. The majority of The University of Manchester's buildings are "secure by design" and have incredibly low instances of theft. Our out of hours security staff serve as a safety net for any emergencies, offering an experienced person able and willing to deal with most situations.


The Accommodation Office offers a one-stop shop for Internet purchases, as well as superfast broadband to the majority of rooms.


We offer reception services during office hours in convenient locations, where you can always be assured of a friendly response and someone willing to listen to your issues and answer your questions.


On-site maintenance teams ensure that any maintenance issues are repaired as soon as is practically possible.


Personal Possessions insurance is included in the rent. Follow the link below for information about the Endsleigh Block Insurance Policy. In summary your room is covered, but your laptop and other gadgets aren’t covered outside your room. To check the insurance provided and to arrange cover for your laptop, gadgets and other valuable items and to benefit from Endsleigh's 24 hour laptop and mobile phone replacement* promise call or visit Endsleigh online.

*24 hours represents 1 working day from Endsleigh approving your claim.

Endsleigh Block Insurance Policy for 2013/14

Great Locations

The University of Manchester residences are all very well positioned locations convenient for the University and city centre.

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